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Fort Myers Beach accident results in one death

A lengthy investigation will likely occur after a death last week. A car accident on Fort Myers Beach resulted in one woman's death and a man being severely injured. A man in a mini-van said he was unable to stop after seeing the couple in the crosswalk. He hit both of them, and they were transported to the hospital when emergency workers arrived.

It is unclear why the man was unable to stop his vehicle in time, although he says he was only going 25 mph. An accident like this one can cause many people in the family to ask questions that might not have answers right away. An investigation will be conducted to determine the exact cause of the accident, and witnesses will likely play a key role in the investigation.

After an accident involving a death, loved ones will have to plan funeral arrangements and mourn the loss of their family member. When a person is still in the hospital, they might also have to figure out how to care for their loved one and how to pay expenses. An experienced personal injury attorney can help families who have been become victims of a car accident.

The man that was driving the van in this case was cited for violation of a traffic control device. While this might have resulted in a criminal penalty for the person, it does little to help the family of the victims. An experienced attorney can make sure the family understands their rights.

Source: WINK, "Woman dies after being struck by a car on Ft. Myers Beach," Jan. 29, 2013

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